Wow I got real sick real fast.
And I got a busy ass day.

Did Keith Haring ever get bored? I would’ve gotten real bored if I were him.




Math rock flow chart from /mu/

This is actually a really solid flowchart, wow.

if only the resolution was higher so I could read the albums I don’t know :<

The fact that there is no toe is sacrilegious.  But p good chart besides that.

Shut up.


Mike Kinsella | American Football on Flickr.

the life aquatic is such a sad movie.

the new hightide hotel album is not as good as their old shit. but i’ll see how i feel after a few listens.

Squirrels are inspirational.


One ring to rule them all

i’m high.

every link i have ever posted has been you guys should pay better attention.