They played like 10 seconds of “Rise Above” on Freaks and Geeks but other than that it’s just shitty kids who don’t know what anarchism means.

The depiction of punk on TV fills me with rage.


explosions in the sky

For Halloween I’m gonna be a guy who was bit by a zombie but is hiding it from the rest of the group. That’s the most dangerous monster of all.


"rich people lost their money" isn’t a criticism of communism, it’s a basic tenement of it

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i thought my roommate only listened to bay area slappers but then he shows me this dude.

i’m weirdly okay today. like i only cried a tiny bit while i was hiking and the person i was with didn’t even notice.

idk i guess i’m just not really one to ever truly understand the weight of events that happen in my own life. i feel worse about not being able to be with my family than i do about anything else.


Foxing was great. 


i may live in santa cruz now, but i still get irked when tours don’t have a san diego date.


Saetia, 1997.

Told Slant, Shea Stadium, 10/2/14

Prawn. Studio at Webster Hall. October 2, 2014.